About Me

Hi there, just a bit of an introduction!

I found my passion for IT and helping people in college, and in 1996 I got my first job with the title ‘IT Trainer’ for a large construction firm. Since then I’ve worked in different industries and for a range of different companies, from training firms through to large and small internal training departments.

“I’ve been there, bought the t-short and worn it out”

More recently, around 2012 – I moved into the contractor world under my own limited company – Michelle Kaye Training Ltd.

As a contractor* I’ve meet some great people, worked for some interesting companies, learnt some new things and trained hundreds of people in a range of desktop applications and hardware.

*contracting for me means working with a company for a period of time most often on a specific project. Rather than freelancing where it can be a day here or there as well as longer term.

While I most often focus on something to do with Microsoft – Windows, Office Suite/Microsoft 365 (previously called Office 365) – I’m happy to learn most applications ready to train users.

My training philosophy

I believe that training needs to be centred around the learner. The days of sitting in a room watching a trainer show you things are long dead.

You learn by doing, by trying out things, by making mistakes.

Training should be enjoyable (no more death by PowerPoint) but it needs to achieve some practical learning at the same time.

I love to learn new things: –

  • job specific (e.g. new ways of learning, a new way to design the course or the handout),
  • personal (e.g. trivia about films – did you know that Back To The Future changed the time machine from a fridge to a DeLorean as they were concerned kids would climb into fridges?)
  • general information (e.g. we walk around with more technology in our pockets that was used to send man to the moon)

Welcome to my thoughts, opinions and general musings!

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