Do you have spare chairs?

Apparently it’s that time of the century again, and we are going to be buying a new sofa.

Have you noticed that there are always sales on for them.

If it’s not one of the companies, it’s all of them?

Anyway I digress.

Where I was going with this, is:

Have you noticed that they generally aren’t available for immediate delivery?

It will be X weeks.

And if you want it in a slightly different fabric or colour, it’s X months?


Then you’ve got to think about the practicalities.

The new sofa is being delivered on this date.

Do you have space for the new one and the old one?

Probably not.

You need to get rid of the old/current sofa before that delivery date.

Right, you sell it, give it away – whatever

And then you’re left with a nice empty room…

And for this time between the old one being picked up and the new one being delivered, you’re going to sit where?

And on what?


Kitchen chairs?

Not really that comfortable for the whole evening…

Dining room chairs?

Erm, similar to the kitchen chairs. Fine to sit in for a bit, but not for hours.

Garden chairs?

Perhaps, you sit in them, in the garden, for hours (when it’s nice outside) – you know that 1-5 days a year.

So what are your options?

  • Floor?
  • Buy something

And if you do get something, will it be just for the few weeks they are needed?

What happens when the new sofa is delivered, will you get rid of the “new chairs”, or store them somewhere?

If you’re going to store them, where will they go?

Will you use them afterwards?

Important questions – you need to have planned ahead, not just bought a new sofa.

But it’s that true for many things?

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