What makes a good blog post?

I’ve now written a few blog post, and they appear to be popular.

Thank you to everyone who follows, reads and likes my posts!

Now might be the right time to think about what does make a good/interesting/readable post.

So I started thinking…

And realised that I have no idea.

I do know what you should include:


While it’s nice to be able to think of a clever title, it’s only clever if people get it.

I more often go for a simple title – that better says the point of the blog.


I always like to go for an image that has something to do with the topic/content of the blog.

Hopefully I’ve achieved that in all (most) of my posts.


I never know how people find my blog, but with the number that I’ve now written I want to make them findable.

And once you’ve found the blog, there might be a topic or idea that you want to see, so the individual posts also need to be searchable.

So including as many relevant keywords as I can think of, hopefully helps.


Using the built-in option to create meaningful categories to group my content together.

Making it easier to find connected posts.

Interesting Content

Well, I hope that the topics I choose to write about are interesting.

That my personality comes across in the written word, and should we meet in real life – that I’m not completely different.

Mostly I write to share my thoughts, experiences and feelings on things.

I’m not a one dimensional person, and I want my personal blog to reflect that.

Am I doing a good job?

You have to decide that for yourself.

Do I have a few people following this blog?

Yes, the number now stands at 187.


Look at my posts, how many likes do they have?

How many comments?

So, if I base the question on the interaction – then, no, I’m not doing a great job.

Which is why I realised that I don’t really know how to write a great post.

And why I ended up changing this blog to be more honest look, than it was originally going to be.

It’s really down to you, my readers, to answer that question – am I doing a good job with my blog posts?

2 thoughts on “What makes a good blog post?

Add yours

  1. >> am I doing a good job with my blog posts?

    I must confess that one or two of your posts have left me thinking “…don’t see the point of that”. But the majority are informative, interesting and make me want to return to read the next one. It is inevitable that not every post will hit the spot with all readers, as what one reader finds engaging will often be a case of “taste and fancy”.

    I still cannot understand why you have a blog and a separate blog on your website, That seems to complicate things and meant that I was missing some of your posts as I had not looked on your website for further blog posts. Have you considered either bringing the two together ? And you do not seem to offer e-mail alerts for “The Learning Blog”, which would be a useful facility if you decide to keep it separate.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Thanks for a thought-provoking comment!

      I have two blogs, as this one is for my thoughts (anything that springs to mind), and the second relates to the website and training.
      At the moment, I’m keeping them separate as they serve two purposes.
      However, I’m now making a conscious effort to out alerts for new items for the Learning Blog to my site subscribers.
      You should start receiving emails (as I know you’ve signed up), this week.

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