Who are your friends at work?

From a TEDTalk by Margaret Heffernan – The human skills we need in a unpredictable world.

This is something that Margaret mentioned towards the end, and it really resonated with me.

In my current role I don’t know the answer to this question.

Which – is actually quite sad.

Oh, there are people who know who I am, and hopefully think positively of me.


Do I see any of them outside of work?


With the whole ‘working from home’ thing, it’s harder to do than before last year, as not everyone is in the office on the same day (or at all).

Then I was thinking back to before…

With my current role, this wasn’t something we/I did at all.

There was the occasional lunch together – in pairs, never in teams.

Which is rather sad when I think about it.

On the other hand I do have friends from previous roles that I did go out with after work, and we still (occasionally) get together – remotely.

I suppose it comes down to attitudes (on both sides), if you want a workplace friendship or a real one.

Do you have friends or colleagues at work?

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