A simpler time?

The other day, for no obvious reason, I was thinking back to the early 2000’s, when I was a full time trainer with a large firm.

I had my own training room

I controlled my diary/calendar

Booked training as needed

Answered question over the phone

Everyone knew my extension number (some better than the Helpdesk number)

I was thinking that those were good days for me.

(Not every day was wonderful, but generally good.)

It feels like a simpler time, not easier, but still.

In many ways it was a simpler time…

  • I was an employee of a company vs running my own business
  • Computers were on the desk vs smartphones in ‘everyone’s’ pocket
  • There was a lot to train vs people are growing up with computers

You’ll notice that I’ve been talking about a simpler time – not an easier time or even a better time.

Would I like to go back?

Maybe, but I’ve learnt a lot, done some great things, made friends in that time – and that I wouldn’t want to loose.

So, no, I wouldn’t go back.


I’d love it if my life today was a little easier!

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