Just waiting to be written

I’ve written and published over 100 blogs, but there are times that inspiration only partly strikes (or not at all).

And to be honest, this is one of those times.

Quite often I get a title in my head, which I manage to write down, and then don’t get the chance to actually write the content.

And some of them have been waiting a while… so I thought I’d share them.

Jun 2020 – What makes your training successful?

Jul 2020 – Take a wander down some lesser known word shortcuts

Dec 2020 – What makes a good blog post?

Feb 2021 – Interaction Options for Online Learning

Mar 2021 – What’s your spark?

Apr 2021 – Manuals, Handouts and Guides… oh my

May 2021 – Creating My New Business Website

Jul 2021 – Being Early vs On Time

Jul 2021 – Can you be your authentic self at work?

OK – that’s not as many as I thought.


And only 3 from last year – not too bad at all!

Are there any there that you’re curious I finish? Let me know in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Just waiting to be written

Add yours

  1. Word shortcuts might be interesting, but I won’t know if there’s anything new to me until you finish it !

    Being Early vs On Time – can’t see what there is to say, so interested to see what you have to say !

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