Podcasts – when I actually take the content in

As I hope you know, I enjoy listening to some podcasts.

However, I’ve realised that while I can listen to them pretty much anytime – it doesn’t mean that I’m actually taking the information in.


With the lockdown last year, we bought a small treadmill – called the linear strider, so that we can have some exercise safely.

(Now that it’s OK to walk outside without a mask – in the fresh air – I try to walk a bit more outside)

But if I don’t feel like I’ve got the time (e.g. at lunchtime) or my weak ankle is making itself known – then I enjoy using the strider.

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

This has become my main time to listen to the podcasts.

And because I’m not watching something, I’m walking at a comfortable pace, I’m able to actually listen, concentrate and take in the topic being discussed.

Not to say that my mind doesn’t wander, but it’s more often in line with the podcast topic.

Walking Outside

You might be wondering why not when I’m walking outside – well, I live on a main road.

There’s traffic pretty much all the time, and I have have to turn the volume up to be able to clearly hear what’s being said. Compared to being at home, the volume is too loud.

Although it’s interesting that I don’t have that problem with music….

Sitting at my computer

Of course, there are times when I’m typing (e.g. writing a blog post), where I’d like to have something playing (otherwise it’s too quiet), and that seems to be perfect for a podcast – right?


My experience is that my attention is split – between what I’m doing and what I’m listening to – and I’m likely to tune out the noise (I’m usually listening to music), so I end up missing what was said.

Often, I’ll end up having to stop the podcast, wait until I’m on the strider and start from the beginning.

Active Listening

Although not what is normally meant by active listening:

Active listening is a technique of careful listening and observation of non-verbal cues, with feedback in the form of accurate paraphrasing, that is used in counselling, training, and solving disputes or conflicts.

For me, it appears that I take in audio information (the podcast), best when I’m active, and don’t have any visual distractions (e.g. the TV).

So I’ll continue to listen to my favourite podcasts while I walk on the treadmill – at home.

Favourite Podcasts

In case you’re wondering, the podcasts that I enjoy listening to are:

  • Women Talking About Learning
  • Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield
  • Sparkle & Thrive Podcast Hosted by Joy Foster of TechPixies

I also, occasionally listen to:

  • Virtually Amazing by Shelly Fishel
  • Learning Uncut
  • The Mind Tools L&D Podcast
  • The Learning Hack Podcast

Do you listen to podcasts? When/Where do you find it best to listen to them?

2 thoughts on “Podcasts – when I actually take the content in

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  1. The BBC do a couple of weekly podcasts – “Digital Planet” and “Tech Tent” – for those who are interested in IT.

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