Getting more than you paid for…

It sounds good, doesn’t it.

However, sometimes it’s not a postive.

Take for example the massage that I treated myself to earlier this week –

Now I love massages, and they are a treat as I don’t often have the time, or the money to spend on them.

For those that don’t know there are a number of different types:

  • Massage – specific movements of the hand on different parts of the body.
  • Aromatherapy – a massage with scented oil.
  • Deep Tissue – applying sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues.
  • Swedish – involves soft, long, kneading strokes, as well as light, rhythmic, tapping strokes, on topmost layers of muscles.
  • Hot Stone – placement of a number of either heated or cooled stones to the body for the purpose of pain relief, relaxation and therapy.

Now I don’t like Deep Tissue because it’s painful. They put a lot of pressure on you to go deep, and it will normally hurt the following day as well.

Swedish is not my preferred option either with the tapping (or slapping).

I want my massage to be enjoyable – for me that’s relaxing, which a standard massage, aromatherapy or hot stone should be.

So you can image my pleasure to discover that one of the beauty places down the road was offering massages at not a bad rate.

(The average seems to be around £1 for 1 min).

And on the menu was Hot Stone – one that I know I like.

So after a stressful day I took the plunge and booked in for a half body (back, neck and shoulders usually).

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

On the day (Tuesday to be precise), I managed to fit in a short walk (for exercise) just before, ending up at the shop.

As is my normal, arrived a bit early, but was shown immediately into the room.


It was so small!

The massage table just about fitted! It was flush against one wall (the feet part), with a gap (at the head), that I couldn’t squeeze past!

Just enough space either side to move/stand.

They took my jacket (it was supposed to rain) and hung it up (on a hook in an open cupboard).

Told to take my top off – but I had to ask where to put my clothes.

(No comment about my trainers or watch/ring)

They waved in the direction of the corner where a machine was.

This is when I discovered that I couldn’t get to that corner without climbing onto the table!

OK, I’m sorted out and lying on the table.

They come back in, and start the massage.

I’m relaxing and suddenly I get slaps on my back – huh?

I’m asked to turn over, and they are pressing way too hard on my collar bones and shoulders.

(Yes, I was stupid and internally debating to say something, but of course I didn’t!)

It goes through with most of it being OK.

At the end, I’m then told that I was given a mix of (as my body required):

  • Hot Stone
  • Swedish
  • Deep Tissue


I didn’t ask for the other two, and had I been asked I would have at the very least declined the deep tissue.

To add insult – I was told that I should drink water (that’s normal after any massage) and only eat a light meal – because of “my condition”.

Apparently high blood pressure (that’s being controlled) is a condition – news to me!

And while I might not feel great today, tomorrow I will feel fantastic!

Photo by Anete Lusina on

I’m here to say, that no, I didn’t feel fantastic the following day.

In fact I felt terrible, the deep tissue was too intense and my shoulders were painful to move.

Two days later, while they are much better, there is still some healing to do.

While I did indeed get more than I paid for, it wasn’t what I had booked, and it wasn’t what I wanted.

Had I been told what I was getting, I would have asked for something different and to just stick to what I paid for.

If you’re wondering will I go back?

I’ve been wondering about that, and come to the conclusion that no I won’t.

While the majority of the massage was OK, the ‘before and after’ parts turned me off.

(Nowhere to safely put my clothes, having to ask about it, not told to remove my (limited) jewellery before lying down, the high blood pressure being called a ‘condition’, receiving types of massage that I wouldn’t choose to have.)

I don’t trust that if I asked to only have the hot stone parts I would get that, and I wonder if the time would be reduced, or not.

Yes, I should probably go back and ask questions, but at this time it’s not something that I have space (time or energy) to do.

What are your experiences of receiving more than you paid for? Share them in the comments.

One thought on “Getting more than you paid for…

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  1. I actually wondered where that narrative was going once we got to “OMG!”.

    I thought that you might say that you had stumbled into another kind of these “…beauty places…”.

    Glad to hear that it all ended OK-ish.

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