Packing Tips – Final Tips

We’ve reached the last post in this series around travel and packing tips.

Some final thoughts and tips…

Packing Tips

  • Use up all of the space – most of the rolling luggage you can fit things in the well between the handles.
  • If you’re going with other members of the family, pack some of your clothes in their suitcase, and vice versa. This way if a suitcase doesn’t reach your destination, everyone has some clothing.
  • Pack with small pouches, so that they can be fitted into any spaces.
  • Heavy things should be packed at the bottom of the case, near the wheels, to balance the weight.
  • If there is a pocket (zip or mesh) in the top, pack items that you will want to access quickly.
  • Shoes don’t need to be packed together – and remember to wrap them up to protect your other clothing.
  • Can things be taken out of the original packing to save space?
  • Weigh your suitcase to ensure that it meets your weight limit (Note: I aim for it to be at least 1Kg below the maximum to give ‘wiggle’ space as the airport scales are different).
  • Make sure that you can pick up your suitcase – especially if it’s to go into the cabin with you.
  • Hand luggage – make sure that your tech and toiletries are easy to access for airport security. Place them in quick access pockets, or at the top of your bag.
  • Pack belts around the edge of the suitcase – they take up almost no space.
  • Belt alternative, curl them up, and put them into a hat or collar to help keep the shape.

Try not to over pack!

Clothing Tips

  • Pack an empty bag or a cube for dirty clothing, allowing you to keep everything separated.
  • If you can wash clothing at your destination, take one extra set – for the washing day!
  • If you can’t wash your clothing, take or buy clothing refreshers (Febreeze etc), spray your clothing in the evening, and leave it hanging overnight.
  • Take belts off your trousers, to make folding/rolling easier.
  • Ideally take clothes that are easy to wash and dry.
  • Make sure that your clothes will mix and match with each other.

Last Minute Tips

  • Get your travel clothes out and ready to wear the night before. Especially useful if you’ve got an early start.
  • Double-check your key documents before you leave the house – Passport, Tickets, Visa’s, Medical, Insurance, etc.
  • Bring your travel bags downstairs (if not already there), and put them near the front door, or somewhere in plain sight (that won’t cause a problem).
  • Charge all of your devices the day before – check that they are fully charged before you leave.
  • Remember that your external battery pack should be fully charged as well.
  • It’s easier to have duplicate cables already packed, but if you don’t, have them on your bags to help you remember them.

Happy Travels!

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