Packing Tips – Clothes

I’ve been known to watch and read a number of blogs/videos about packing (even when I’m not going to be travelling) and of course most of the people seem to be slim. There doesn’t seem to be that many that are “cuddly”.

They all wear floaty tops and dresses, and those, of course are all small and light clothing.

Basically not me!

Thinking about the Weather

A key thing to consider, and one thing that Travel Tips by Laurie always says – that it 100% correct:

Check the weather at the destination!

Most of my travel is from the UK to the USA.

Often, I’ve got to think about cold and wet to the airport, then warm and sunny for the trip, returning to cold and wet.

My trick – is to have a family member collect me, and they can have my warm coat in the car.

This way I don’t have to worry about travelling with a thick jacket that I’m not going to need during the holiday.

Not everyone is able to do that – so, consider what your options are:

  • Tough it out in the cold/wet location (how long will you be outside?)
  • Take something with – it will be hung up (or kept in the suitcase) during the trip
  • Take something with – that can be packed small when you don’t need it
  • Take something with that you can layer to keep warm, but use individually at your destination
  • Or maybe something that I haven’t considered (in which case share it in the comments)

Clothing Types

Let’s get this out of the way – I don’t like wearing dresses – which so many travel bloggers rave about.

I like trousers – and my go-to choice for casual is Jeans.

But you do need to think about

  • The purpose of the trip – work or pleasure (or both)
  • Will you be going anywhere with a dress code?
  • Will you be going anywhere that needs specific clothing? (from swimming to exercise to outdoor etc.)

If you are then of course, you need to take the ‘right’ items with.

With the rest of your clothing being comfortable options.

There’s a lot of talk to mix and match, while I get it, I’m either not travelling for long, or I’m visiting friends and I’ll be able to wash my clothing.

My Clothing Choices

Let’s take my next (hopeful) trip to Las Vegas as an example:

It’s going to be just 1 week (if that), and the plan is to be hand luggage only (certainly going out!).


As I said I’m a jeans gal – I don’t like to wear the jeans that I travelled in the following day (I’ve been wearing them for hours as it’s a 10 hr direct flight from London to Las Vegas).

I’ll need to pack a pair of trousers – maybe:

  • a pair of different colour jeans
  • a pair of jean shorts
  • a light pair of trousers

It’s most likely that I’ll be flying over to volunteer at an event, so jeans will be the best option in an air-conditioned hotel.


During the event, I’ll be given a top to wear – so that those days taken care of.

However, I don’t want to wear my volunteer top out to get food, so I do need to plan for that.

My experience is that most of my tops all go with my blue or black jeans – making it much easier.

So I want a top for each of the full days, plus a couple for the evenings during the event.

Note: As I’m not going to be there for long, I don’t plan on washing anything – although I’m going to have (probably buy out there) some fabric refresher.

Standard Items

On to the stuff that I will take no matter where I’m going to what I’m doing.

Night-gear – while it’s a warm location during the day, it’s chilly at night, so I’m planning on something “in the middle”, shorts and a t-shirt set (rather than flannel (warmth) or sleeveless (cool)).

Underwear – one for each day.

Socks – I’ve discovered that my ankles get chilly on a plane – so I’ll have a pair of standard (not long) socks for the flight back. (Of course I’ll be wearing a pair out). Then I’m fine with ankle or invisible socks for each full day.


Travel Days = Trainers (comfortable ones)

Event Days = Trainers – I’m going to walking around a number of halls, need to be comfortable!

(Seems to be a theme here)

Other Days – I don’t currently have a pair of comfortable summer shoes – so I’ll stick with trainers.

Of course, just wearing the same shoes for the whole week means that I don’t need to pack any other shoes.

If you need specific shoes, or just want options – then consider:

  • Do you really need to take them?
  • They don’t need to be packed together – separate them to fit in with the available space
  • Pack them in bags, to protect your other items from the soles. (Even if they are new, easier to pack them in a bag, so you’ve got one for the return trip)

Outer Wear

Take a wrap or scarf to keep warm and add colour

I’ve already mentioned checking the weather – but I’ll be going to a desert, so I need to think about the change in temp at night.

The other thought – is on the airplane – they are cooler so having something to keep me warm helps.

I prefer fleece tops – either jumpers or jackets – so I’ll be taking (and probably wearing one) onto the plane with me.

Don’t need to pack it…

I may decide to pack a thinner one as an added layer.

However, I also have wraps/shawls that I’ve bought – which I can use on the plane as a blanket, or to actually wrap around me.

I’ll also have the choice to use them while I’m there (although I’m more likely to grab my fleece).


Even though I’m planning on hand luggage only, I’m still likely to pack my emergency clothing into my personal item.

So that’s:

  • T-shirt
  • Underwear & Socks

It does mean that I’ve got an extra choice/set available – just in case…

Hat – If I’m walking around, especially in the sun, it’s a good thing to have a ball-cap as protection.

Sunglasses – it’s Las Vegas!

Next post – Travel Bags

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