My (Free) Subscription Resources

I’m sitting at my computer slowly (and slightly painfully) going through my emails.

One of the things that I like to do, is to transfer those emails that contain useful information over to OneNote (and if you don’t already know of my love for OneNote then maybe I need a blog post…. hmm). (Hence the pain).

And I thought – it might be useful or interesting to share the email list/subscriptions that I have, the ones that are in OneNote and make up my go-to resources.

Admission: I don’t read all of these emails every week, but the ones that I’ve read are interesting and they are in OneNote whenever I need them.

Disclaimer: I am not being paid for this post, in fact these people/companies don’t know anything about it.

Paul Matthews/ People Alchemy

I’ve been receiving and occasionally reading these weekly emails for a couple of years now.

He shares thoughts, ideas and links (to free downloads) about training, tips and experiences.

Join his free weekly tip (blog) here:

David Gibson/ Eureka-TP

I’ve been receiving David’s Tips for Trainers for at lest 20 yrs! They are one of the best for receiving ideas, suggestions and practical options for a trainer!

Join the free tips for trainers here:

Note: You can join the free tips, or as I’ve done this year, a full paid member for more resources.

Krystyna Gadd / How to Accelerate Learning

For me a newer subscription, although still been a couple of years. I first saw the How to Accelerate Learning stand at a HRD show. As I was curious and interested in accelerated learning I wanted to find out more – and that started me receiving the free learning resources.

Krystyna shares practical tips and ideas about training and frequently includes links for things to download and keep.

Sign up (at the bottom of the page) here:

Julian Stodd / Sea Salt Learning

What can I say about Julian Stodd? He’s been a speaker at a number of learning events (I first saw him at a LPI event), and he is (for me) a great thinker about learning, getting ready for the ‘social age’ (as he says) in a wonderful graphic way.

He shares current thoughts, and graphics through his learning blog, which I’ve subscribed to.

His learning blog, and the subscription option can be found here:

Andrew Jacobs / Llarn

Andrew is someone that I’ve recently started reading his daily blog posts, although I’m not subscribed, I get to read them via LinkedIn.

Note: As with the others, I’ve known and been friends with Andrew for years, but he only recently started his blog.

He shares (for me) thought provoking comments, experiences and reads, occasionally leading into my own blog posts but always into new thoughts and realisations.

His blog is ‘Lost and Desperate’ and you can read/signup here:

I hope that some or all these resources will help you as they’ve helped me, with thoughts, actual resources and ideas.

What are your go-to resources? Please share them in the comments.

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