The future of IT Trainers?

I enjoy reading blogs (other people not mine), and one that always make’s me think is from Andrew Jacobs, Tuesdays’ post The Learning Industry is being Disrupted really stopped me in my tracks.

(If you haven’t read Andrew’s blogs yet, go have a read lostanddesperate.)

In it he talks about the changes that have been accelerated as industries have had to move online – specifically Learning & Development.

You may or may not know that my career has focused on face-to-face training, and it’s this type that has been hardest hit with the lockdown.

Now it’s not the only thing that I can do, I’ve been interested in online learning (not elearning) for a while now and completed an LPI qualification (in both designing and facilitating).

But looking at my ‘bread and butter’ training, how much is it really going to be wanted in the future?

In the immediate future I can’t see it – groups of people in a room, with a trainer walking around – it’s not socially distant.

When we no longer need to be socially distant with each other? Some will come back, and hopefully it will be in the types of roles that I like – upgrade contracts, where a company needs an external trainer to help with a rollout (new hardware or software).

Fortunately for me, companies like Microsoft will still bring out new versions that people will need some training on, new features or how to make better use of the technology.

So I suppose it’s going to be more about how they will want to receive that training – in a room or online? with a trainer present/available or self-paced?

At the moment it’s more questions than answers, so the big question for now is to think about the options that we may be asked to provide and to ensure that we have a portfolio of answers to choose from.

What will you add to your portfolio to prepare for the future?

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